Fields of Dreams

Fields of Dreams

Baseball season is upon us! In my house we live for baseball to begin. While we do love our Indians, my husband grew up in “Jersey” and has been a diehard Yankees fan ( no booing please!) all his life….and I joined the bandwagon after our son was drafted by the Yankees. Needless to say summer and baseball go hand in hand for us. We have watched the game from t -ball to pro ball and have enjoyed every level! We spent years watching and traveling with and for our son.  He may not play anymore but these two diehard fans just can’t get enough. While we will get to Progressive Field our usual 2 or three times our thrill this summer will be going to some nearby cities and checking out some new turf. We have some burning questions that need answers. Do stadium hot dogs taste the same at all stadiums? Will Mick get as many dirty looks in his Yankees shirt at these foreign fields as he does at Progressive Field? What city sings “TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME” the best?  And most curious to know if chasing a baseball all summer can be as crazy, fun and romantic as it sounds?