Hectic Holidays?

Hectic Holidays?

“That time of year “is rapidly approaching. I remember as a child the anticipation of Thanksgiving and then that really long wait until Christmas morning! My how times have changed. It seems the busier we are , the busier we get. My wish this year is to get back to the real meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We all have our own thoughts on what these holidays mean to us from a spiritual or religious point of view, but I am talking about simply caring about those around us. We all know people who need something that we can offer. It seems it is almost too much to have a face to face conversation with your family or friends. It is easier and quicker to just post on FaceBook , tweet or shoot a quick email. The personal touch of actually visiting someone, talking to each other without your phone or computer is a rare thing these days. I have had the privilege of helping to take care of my father who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s / Dementia. I say privilege as it is because of this diagnosis that I have been forced to spend quite a bit of time with him. At first I was rather angry that he was consuming all my time and I was too busy for this interruption of life. Then something happened….I realized I was actually spending time with my father. One on one. No phone, no computer no outside interference. Just my Dad and I. And guess what? I enjoy it! It really makes me want to reconnect with the people in my life that I love. Life is too short and we never know what we will encounter on that path ahead of us. So time will continue to pass too quickly, technology won’t wait on any of us and the Holidays will still come fast and furious. Give yourself and someone you love the gift of your time. Just for a few minutes put your phone down, your computer away and shut the TV off. Focus on someone you love. Giving 100% of your attention to someone else is a priceless gift that will help take some of the hectic out of this Holiday Season.