Makeup Looks

Makeup Looks

Each season presents an opportunity to modify your makeup look. As we age, our skin loses warmth and radiance so it’s important to update foundation, concealer, and color palates.

For a spring look you’ll want a fresh, light, look!

Some tips for a spring makeup look include:

  • Neutral eyes.
  • Champagne pink, gold or shimmer eye shadows.
  • Pastel colors such as a soft lavender with black or grey liner.
  • Rose colored blush with a hint of berry is a great choice if wearing a light pastel eye shadow.
  • Lips need to pop in the spring. Some colors you could try would be bright pinks with a hint of red or berry
  • Warmer skin tones need a peachy pink or a pinkish brown lip color.
  • Cooler skin tones can wear any shade of pink lip color.
  • If you are trying to achieve a bold spring look, try a light grey shadow paired with a bright coral lip.

What are some of your favorite spring looks?