People ask me all the time what it means when they read our logo …rest, relax , rebalance.

We all need balance in our lives. Spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. When our lives are out of balance it takes a toll on everything and everyone around us. I believe we all need to search for the balance in our lives in our own way. Each individual person has needs and desires that they put on hold so they can take care of jobs, schedules, kids etc etc.  There comes a breaking point. It is in our best interest to schedule some rebalance time before you hit that breaking point. Your rebalance time will look different than mine. What I need may not be what you need. The important thing is to know yourself and your own needs and then listen. For me when I get overwhelmed or I am feeling out of balance, you may find me wondering around TJ Maxx ….yes that relaxes me…. or reading a good book. Traveling relaxes me. My husband relaxes by doing paperwork and working with numbers… (I know, I find that difficult to understand too!) . My son goes fishing. My daughter gets a pedicure. My friend gets a massage. Whatever it is that brings you back to yourself, do it. Don’t feel guilty or think you shouldn’t. Do it for those you love but most of all do it for you.