Summer Beauty Updates

Memorial Day has come and gone and summer is officially in full swing — meaning your wardrobe, social calendar, and even grocery list have probably undergone some necessary seasonal renovation. Of course, that’s all well, good, and deserved. But as your trusted beauty professionals, we have to ask: Did your beauty routine get the same treatment? If not, we’ve got your back.

Read on for our checklist for staying ahead of the beauty game this summer.


We know, we know — you’ve heard. But it bears repeating because this is so important. Committing to daily SPF not only means protecting your skin from future damage, but also giving it some breathing room to work on healing pre-existing damage. It also helps prevent acne scars and other discoloration from becoming permanent additions — yes, please.

Luckily, Aveda just rolled out the new Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid with SPF 30. It’s sheer (read: no white tint) and lightweight, making it ideal for layering under your makeup. Remember to apply to your ears, which are often forgotten and a common site of skin cancer, and to your neck and hands, which are both prone to showing early signs of aging.

Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid - aveda sun protection - spf 30



No surprises here — your hair and scalp need sun protection, too. Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil is a water-resistant UV defense mist that can help protect your hair from the sun for up to 16 hours. (That means a full day of worry-free beach time.)

aveda sun care protective hair veil


Spritzing on the SPF helps guard your hair against damage — in addition to preventing your color from fading or taking on a brassy hue. So really, you’re not just protecting your hair. You’re protecting your investment.


Letting chlorine, saltwater, and product linger in your hair is no bueno — as it can lead to damage, dryness, and if you’re blonde, the dreaded green tint. (Nooooo.) The problem is that many clarifying shampoos can be unnecessarily harsh on your already summer-stressed tresses. Enter Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser. Its color-safe formula gently but effectively removes buildup, without stripping away moisture and wreaking further havoc. Plus, it contains a corn-derived chelating agent to remove the oxidized metals in chlorinated water that turn hair green. Sign us up!

aveda sun care hair and body cleanser


Now is the time to show some skin, after all! Committing to full body exfoliation once a week or so will keep yours at its most radiant. Clearing away the dead, dry cells has an immediate visible effect, of course — but it also allows your moisturizer and other products to do their job more effectively. Talk about getting your glow on.

We can’t say enough good things about Aveda’s new Beautifying Radiance Polish, which uses mineral-rich salt crystals and a moisturizing plant oil blend to gently exfoliate while maintaining your skin’s moisture balance. We’ve been using it to get our feet in sandal shape, too. (Just follow with Aveda Foot Relief Moisturizing Creme.)

aveda beautifying body polish

P.S.  Need one more reason to exfoliate? It’s a crucial pre-self tanning step. Dry skin drinks the stuff up, leading to streaks and blotchiness.


Though some people are afraid anything too moisturizing will join forces with the heat and humidity to make hair lank and lifeless, committing to hydration is crucial when it comes to staying ahead of damage and preventing frizz (which occurs when dry hair drinks in moisture from the air). Be proactive by using a hydrating treatment like Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque at least once a week.

aveda dry remedy hair treatment masque

You can also stay on top of your hair health by cutting back on the number of times you wash it per week. We know it feels impossible during the sticky summer months, but the right dry shampoo (ahem, Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo) will keep your strands fresh between washes.

Whether you’re beaching, road tripping, or jetsetting, we wish you all the sweetest summer yet. Now let’s get glowing, shall we?