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READY FOR A BOB? READ THIS FIRST. Something about settling into the summer season has us craving change in other aspects of our lives. We stare almost wistfully at our inspiration boards, longing for that dreamy silk tunic, a relaxing beach trip—or a Karlie Kloss bob we haven’t been quite brave enough to tackle yet. [caption id="attachment_155" align="alignnone" width="281"]Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America / SOURCE: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America / SOURCE:[/caption]

As tempting as a dramatic change can be, there’s a lot to consider before making the cut. Your hair is often one of the first things people notice about you, and as a result it becomes a huge source of many people’s visual identity and confidence.

As with any big decision, we don’t recommend making this one impulsively. There are a few things to keep in mind before we start snipping away: What does this mean for your haircare routine? Short hair may seem easier, but the reality is that it can require more styling than long hair. Plus, you lose your tricks for hiding a bad hair day—think ponytails, topknots, and fishtail braids. If you’re making a serious cut, you’ll not only have to change your techniques, you’ll also have to experiment with a new slew of products and sometimes even a new hair type. (Curly hair gets even curlier without gravity to pull it down!) Chop bit by bit if possible.
When Lauren Conrad cut her famously lengthy locks earlier this year, her stylist insisted she do only a bit at once. The result? Three cuts over three weeks that took her from long--to lob--to true bob. We know it’s not feasible for everyone to make a weekly appointment with their stylist, but it makes the transition easier and leaves the door open for hitting pause. Plus, the gradual change will give you time to get used to styling your new length and texture. Don’t forget—you can always chop more, but you can’t add it back. Make sure everything else in your life is stable. Going through a big breakup, move, or job change can sometimes spur you to undertake other new beginnings in your life. While there’s something to be said for a truly clean slate, the rush of a good change can sometimes leave you seeking more—or land you with a rash decision you’ll regret later. Make sure the cut is something you really want and not just a way to keep the fresh-start buzz going. Ask yourself: Do you just want to be Beyoncé? [caption id="attachment_153" align="alignnone" width="384"]Getty Images / SOURCE: Getty Images / SOURCE:[/caption] We’re all about doing what makes you happy and ignoring the old rules. Your face shape doesn’t dictate what haircut you are and are not permitted. However, prepare yourself for your haircut reality. If you bring a picture of Emma Stone’s red bob and you’re a bombshell brunette with enviable curls, know that while your results may look fab, they won’t look like Emma’s. Find people who pulled off the cut you want with your hair type and coloring—this will give you a better taste for how it will work for you. [caption id="attachment_152" align="alignnone" width="384"]Getty Images / SOURCE: Getty Images / SOURCE:[/caption] (P.S. These lovely ladies prove our point. Totally different hair types, face shapes, bodies, coloring, sense of style, and method for world domination—and rocking the bob equally well.) Still want to make the cut? Do it with confidence. Once you’ve chopped, don’t look back. Style is 95% attitude. We’re absolutely sure you’ll look fabulous.