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If you have curly hair, then you know caring for it involves mindful strategy. Washing time, drying method and product selection all play key factors in making sure your curls are on their best behavior.  Curls come in so many textures and patterns: loose, wavy, ringlets, coily—they aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing. They need special care that targets the various needs depending on your specific texture. The answer to this? Aveda’s Nutriplenish.

Formulated to provide hydrating replenishment for ALL hair types—from fine, straight hair to coily, thick hair—Nutriplenish uses the power of nutrient-rich ingredients such as organic pomegranate oil, coconut oil, mango butter and sand ginger to hydrate, moisturize and revitalize hair. Although it’s meant for all types, there’s no denying that it works wonders on curly hair.

We put it to the test and asked our very own Master Stylist and curl enthusiast Chelsea Holley to weigh in on the efficacy of Nutriplenish and how she’s been using it.  If you’re curly-haired and ready to embrace your natural texture without any trouble, Chelsea will show you how! Keep reading for her tips and tricks.

Nutriplenish Collection

Chelsea’s hair type:
Naturally curly and surprisingly fine. Tight curls underneath and looser curls on top. A lot of people think I have thick hair but my curls just give it that appearance.

Chelsea’s personal curly hair concerns:
I like to see definition and luster. I focus on shine and a natural, healthy appearance. My hair tends to look more dry and damaged even though it’s not; it just needs more moisture retention. Also, finding the right products that aren’t heavy and won’t weigh my curls down.

Her hair care routine:
I wash my hair once a week—Sundays are my wash days. I use the Nutriplenish Deep shampoo & conditioner and like to leave the conditioner in my hair for a few minutes, then use the leave-in conditioner afterwards. My hair grows slow, so I get my hair cut about every 3 months to keep it healthy and retain my curl.

Why she loves Nutriplenish:|
It does what it’s supposed to and works on any hair type. I feel like a lot of products are very specific, but Nutriplenish is so fluid that you can use it in a variety of ways. I use it on all my clients and the feedback I get is great. I love the smell; Aveda is known for their aromas, which are all made from pure plant and flower essence. To me this one smells sweet—like a Pez candy!

Her favorite Nutriplenish product and why:
Definitely the leave-in conditioner! It doesn’t weigh down your hair and it makes your curls touchable. It’s versatile in the sense that you can use it on both dry and wet hair. I have clients who just want to wash and go; they want to be able to spray their hair with water and be done. So I’ve been suggesting that they spray the leave-in conditioner instead of water. It’s also great to put on your hair before you blow dry because it will add hydration and moisture, as well as provide UV & thermal protection. It’ll help with flyaways and frizz. All you need is a water bottle:  spritz your hair first to open the cuticle, apply the leave-in conditioner, scrunch, and then twist out. Personally, I like my hair big, so I’ll focus more on the ends.

Her curly hair tips & tricks:

Co-wash:  People think they need to wash every day, but that can actually dry out your hair even more. Co-washing means only using a conditioner when washing your hair. If your hair is dry and textured, you don’t want to disrupt it with shampoo, so co-washing allows your hair to receive moisture when it’s dry and allows you to cleanse without stripping the hair of moisture.  It’s a lifesaver for a lot of curly-haired women. Also, if you have curly hair, know that “frizz” is NOT a texture. If your hair is frizzy, that means your hair is seeking moisture from the environment. That’s not a texture—that’s an indicator that you should co-wash that day. And don’t co-wash just to co-wash; do it with intention. My signal to co-wash is when the bottom of my hair dreads up.

For coarser hair: Get it wet first and maybe add some of the Nutriplenish multi-use hair oil to it. When the cuticle is tight to the hair, the products will sit there and moisture will get sucked out. Nutriplenish is made to go inside hair. So if your hair is really curly, you want to break it down with hair oil and don’t put it on dry.

Let it sit: When using the Nutriplenish Deep moisture, leave a little conditioner in your hair. When I do that, I don’t need to use the leave-in unless I style it and might need to use a little more.

When you struggle with your curls, you’re always looking for that “finesse.”  Nutriplenish has nailed this! You don’t even need stylers.  My clients love that they don’t have to wait for their hair to dry to see and feel the results—with Nutriplenish, you can feel and see the difference immediately.

Are you a curly girl looking for a new hair whisperer? Book online or call your friends at Arz, a Salon Retreat to book an appointment with Chelsea or another of Ridgeville’s top curly hair stylists.

And as always, you can shop Nutriplenish online or come into see us at our chic Ridgeville salon to experience it in person.