Spring is Coming?!

Spring is Coming?!

The Holidays are behind us and January is in full swing. While I was out post Christmas shopping and trying to find some great winter deals, I realized all the stores have their Spring clothing out!  This spring looks like we are going to see a lot of black and white. You will see everything from bold patterns to simply solids. The colors that are trending  are softer. Instead of neon orange think soft tangerine. The bright bold colors of  summer 2012 are toned down to hues that make you think of sun, ocean and sand. The trend carries over into nails as well. Polishes will be much more pastel. Glitters and texture on nails is staying and becoming even more popular. Nails are defineitly an accessory to pay attention to. Bare nails are acceptable if they are very well manicured.  If you like a more natural nail, go for a soft sheer pastel pink or a very light nude.  If you really want to try something new and different , but are a little leery, try a new fun color on your toes! You will love it. Bangs are here to stay for Spring / Summer. Ask your stylist to give you a full bang that grazes your brows. Its a sexy look that will bring out your eyes and cheekbones. Arz salon offers complimentary bang trims between appointments to keep your style looking fresh. Hair color is very rich and balanced. If you want highlights keep them within 2 or 3 shades of your natural hair color. Multi tones in the hair are simply gorgeous as long as you stay within the 2-3 levels. Highlights placed very fine around the hairline are amazing for accenting cheekbones. Once you get that great color treat your hair like cashmere! Using the correct Aveda Shampoo and Conditioning treatments will extend the life of your color! Making my  list….a new black and white outfit, some amazing shirts in the new softer shades of tangerine- blush fuschia – and azure, schedule an amazing mani pedi boasting some fun pastels (and Glitter)and my new Spring Haircut (bangs of course) & color at arz . Oh and a new lip color to round out the look! Something summery with a little gold in it! Think sunshine!